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Is there any time commitment outside of the classroom?

For Segment 1? Yes! In addition to the 24 hours of classroom time (twelve 2-hour class sessions), students will schedule driving lessons (behind-the-wheel lessons) with their individual driving instructor.  It is important that your student attends every scheduled class. If a student misses a class, they will have to attend make up classes in an upcoming session which can be difficult due to limited space. 

It is typical for driving instruction to last beyond the last scheduled class date.

During the first week of class students will be assigned to an instructor and they will begin scheduling drive times. For this reason, students should come to the first class with an understanding of their personal and family calendars as instructors will schedule driving times with students.

Driving times are after school, prior to the evening class time and on the weekend. Of course, summer classes offer more flexibility.

Segment 2 does not involve any time outside of the classroom to complete the class.

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