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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Requirements | Responsibilities | Cost | Class times

How long is the course?

Classes are typically 3-4 weeks for the class session and an additional 1-3 weeks to complete driving. It may take larger classes longer to complete all of the driving lessons.

How do I find my class schedule?

Class schedules are emailed to enrolled students approximately 5-7 days before class starts.  Also, class schedules can be found on the website.

Can I drive alone once I have my Level 1 license?

Students are not permitted to drive alone until they have their Level 2 license.

Please see this online document published by the State of Michigan.

How many behind the wheel hours do I need?

Six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction are required.

I lost my Level 1 license

Please click here for information about obtaining a new Level 1 license.

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