Segment 1 Classes

Cost $385 - Do not pay online. We accept cash, card or money orders only. No checks.

All in person classes are currently held at Springport High School. Classroom to be determined.

NOTE: Days and times are subject to change.

Students are assigned to one driving instructor on the first day of class. Students should come to class prepared to share their availability with their instructor.  Students are required to drive for six hours with their instructor. This is not included in the 24 hours of classroom time.

When you click the "enroll" button, you will be directed to our Registration System and you will be prompted to log in to your existing account or create an account.

Springport Segment 1 July 2022

DOB must be on or before 11/12/07 to be eligible for this class.

Class 1       July 12     10am-12pm      

Class 2       July 14    10am-12pm

Class 3       July 15    10am-12pm

Class 4       July 18  10am-12pm

Class 5       July 19  10am-12pm

Class 6       July 20  10am-12pm

Class 7       July 21  10am-12pm

Class 8       July 22  10am-12pm

Class 9       July 25  10am-12pm

Class 10     July 26  10am-12pm

Class 11     July 27  10am-12pm

Class 12     July 28  10am-12pm