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Driving Lessons

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Man Driving in Car

How do I sign up for behind the wheel driving lessons?

Students are assigned to a driving instructor on the first day of class.  They will drive with the same instructor for each of their six behind-the-wheel lessons.  Instructors and students exchange contact information. Students must contact their instructor with any questions about their driving schedule.

Will I drive with other students in the car?

Typically students drive with other students. On occasion a student may need to drive only with their instructor.  During registration, parents will have the option to sign a waiver granting permission for these occasional situations.

What should I do during my observation time in the car?

Students must listen for instruction. Cell phones/devices should be put away and not in use.  Students should remain alert and awake, ask questions, but try not to disrupt the instructor or the driver.

I forgot what time I am supposed to meet my driving instructor.

Instructors exchange contact information with students when they schedule behind the wheel lessons.  Students must contact their driving instructor directly with any questions about their drive times.

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