Road Test

Once a teen has completed Segment 2, has had their Level 1 License for at least 180 days, and has completed and logged 50 hours of driving (ten of which are at night), the student is eligible for the road test. Capitol Area Driving School schedules road tests by phone. Please call (517)655-8038 to schedule your test.

  • Auto tests are given Monday - Saturday  for $55.00 cash or money order

  • Sunday and holidays, tests are $60.00 cash or money order

  • We can also provide on site car rentals for an additional $25.00  (call for availability)

  • (If a light is out on your vehicle and if a rental vehicle is available  a $10.00 charge for an on the spot rental)

  • No refunds are given for failure

  • First Retake is $35.00 (Monday - Saturday)  $40.00 on Sundays/Holidays. There is a 24 hour mandatory wait- Keep your receipt it is needed for the retake

  • Second Retake is $55.00  (Monday - Saturday; $60.00 on Sunday/Holidays)

  • $20 charge for No Show  or less than 24 hour cancellation.

Motorcycle Skills Test*

  • The motorcycle skills test is $50.00 cash or money order  ($55 Sunday/holidays)

  • Retakes are $35.00. ($40.00 Sunday/holidays)  There is a 24 hour mandatory wait - Keep your receipt: it is needed

If 18 And Older Bring:

  • Temporary Instruction Permit - must be at least 30 days from issue date, or you must have a Waiver from the Secretary of State

  • A vehicle in good working order

  • Current insurance and registration on the vehicle you use for the test

  • $55.00 cash or money order  Mon - Sat  ($60.00 Sun/Holidays)

If Under 18 Bring:

  • Parent or legal guardian

  • Level I Permit must be at least 180 days from issue date from Secretary of State

  • Segment II Certificate of Completions

  • The Log with 50+ required hours of driving

  • A vehicle in good working order

  • Current insurance and registration  on  the vehicle you use for the test

  • $55.00 cash or money order   Mon - Sat  ($60.00  Sun/Holidays)


Please Call 517-655-8038 to Schedule an appointment.


*Having incomplete, incorrect or lack of proper documents, or coming to a test without waiting the mandatory 180, or 30 days respectively, will be a $10.00 charge.



  • 35475 Five Mile Rd., Livonia, MI   48840  

  • (Compass Christian Church parking lot)

  • For Road Tests in Livonia, please call 734-420-0542 to schedule an appointment.


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